Robert Berguson

Robert Berguson was born and raised in north central Pennsylvania in a town called Blossburg. After graduating from high school, he received an associate arts degree from Corning Community College, and a bachelor's, master's, and master of fine arts from the University of Iowa. He then spent 37 years teaching studio (2d) courses in the School of Art at Louisiana Tech University retiring with the distinction of Professor Emeritus. He now lives in Pelham, Alabama where he continues to work in his studio on a daily basis. “Passages” series began with subconscious rhythmical abstract writing. These writings are the stimulus for circles and other geometric shapes that reflect his emotions, thoughts, adventures and maps. The work is based on language, whether it be written language or the language of mathematics. Robert Berguson is interested in systems that employ conventional symbols through communication. His mark-making is a type of signifier that has its own identity by charting his experiences through developing a new language to decipher. His work demands that the language be subverted to contingent experiences. With this array of possibilities, topographical maps are an important motif. The writings influence his journey, creating metaphoric time and place, that are hinted at through mathematical equations and geographical schematics. His work fluidly moves around corners and extends beyond what one can see from any fixed viewpoint. The elaborate lines sends the artist on an exploratory voyage using color as his rudder to reach his destination.