Sarah Otts

Painting is something I have enjoyed for the majority of my life. In 2007, I graduated college from The University of Mississippi where I attained a BFA in painting. I moved directly to Mobile after school where I had begun to establish myself as a working artist. I briefly taught art lessons before deciding to devote all of my studio time to my own work as a full time painter. Currently, I am living in Mobile and working everyday in my home studio. My husband, Robert, and I have a daughter, Lelia, who is an ever-evolving influence on my art and a son, Sonny. I enjoy working conceptually, and I find that there are more undiscovered possibilities when there is a genuine reason for what you set out to create. I am continuing to find ways to use painting as a vehicle to explain and work through other parts of my life. Building a body of work that communicates a particular idea is especially gratifying. Each series I develop is a focused reaction to a personal experience or dilemma. As an abstract expressionist painter, the raw, impulsive brush stroke is an essential element in my compositions. There are no preliminary sketches, just gestural, reactive markings. A finished painting is composed of layers of texture and color that have been repeatedly eliminated and rebuilt. My paintings are an illustration of my restless enthusiasm to make the most of every moment of each day.