Rachel Doniger

Rachel Doniger and her paper reliefs investigate the graphic potential of white paper. A simple process of cutting and folding thousands of similar shapes yields a field defined by moments of intensity and calm. As the viewer’s glance moves from one shape to the next, they see not only a crescendo from low to high, but also the relationship between the two. Space, as perceived by the viewer, becomes an inseparable part of the image. In this way, the classic opposing relationship of figure and ground (or field) is turned on its head. If we think of figure not as an object read against a field, but as an effect emerging from the field, then we can understand figure and field to be closely aligned. Rachel’s work might initially appear unassuming, but ultimately astonishes in its discipline, physicality, and quiet aesthetic. Her meticulous, meditative process creates astonishing beauty from seemingly simple individual actions. Rachel Doniger lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She spends much of her time outdoors observing the natural landscapes that inform her work.