Millie Sims

Millie Sims is an abstract artist, specializing in geometric paintings in acrylic on canvas. A North Carolina native, Millie spent time studying and working in Paris, France and New York City, before returning to the south, where she currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. Millie is inspired by the art of reinvention, framing conventional beauty in new and unexpected ways, through an exploration of mathematics in aesthetic. Throughout her body of work, she reshapes classic imagery in her signature sharp- angled style. From abstract adaptations of Audubon prints and Slim Aarons photographs to lowcountry landscapes and chinoiserie patterns, her paintings put a fresh, modern spin on recognizable images of comfort. Artist Statement: I am very drawn to shapes and lines. I studied ballet as a teenager, which is all about the lines and shapes created by the body. I am also extremely moved by nature and by others’ art. I love to take an image that speaks to me, and reinvent it as a series of shapes and lines. Whether it’s adapted from a preexisting work of art, inspired by a scene in nature, or purely from my imagination, I love to frame the beauty around me in new and unexpected ways. There is a quote from Antony Garrett Lisi that really resonates with me, “I think the universe is pure geometry – basically a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space- time.”