Chase Langford

Chase Langford, born in Michigan, is a Los Angeles-based artist well known for his geographically inspired paintings. His artistic practice emerges from a lifelong fascination with the natural world. In his youth, Langford amassed an impressive collection of over 1000 atlases and maps. His cartographic passions quickly carried over to his studies in geography at UC Santa Barbara, and later to creating maps for faculty at UCLA. In the 1980s, with a perspective deeply informed by the rich visual patterns of the organic world, Langford began exploring ways in which he could integrate cartography and fine art. He ultimately found expression for his interests by painting, through which he could explore terrains both real and imagined. Chase Langford is a wellspring of inspiration and positive energy, creating exultant paintings. He begins his canvases with impulsive mark-making, a technique that forms and gentles to a refinement of aesthetic in abstract, layered shapes. He often works on several canvases at one time, as he waits for the layers of oil paint to dry. His layers of rich pigments recall sedimentary cross-sections as much as they do aerial views of rivers, valleys, and rock formations.   From his Los Angeles studio atop the Santa Monica Mountains along Mulholland Drive, he draws inspiration from the rugged landscape, the deep chaparral filled canyons and sweeping panoramas. Langford’s work is prominently displayed in residential, public and corporate collections worldwide, including the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, the Park Hyatt Aviara in California, USC’s Keck School of Medicine, Monique Lhuillier, Inc., UBS and Nordstorm stores worldwide