Carolyn Evans

Originally from New Orleans, Carolyn Evans now lives outside of Boston. She lived in Dallas for six years while her husband taught at SMU and Carolyn, at El Centro and… gave birth to two forever Texans! Their New England home is where she and her husband, John, live and produce their art in two studios, two work rooms and a wood shop for building frames and stretchers. Carolyn’s recent paintings have grown out of her love of storytelling; however, her paintings are no longer figurative and have morphed into abstraction. Without a plan, but with her years of experience making art, moving into the abstract world seems like a natural way to proceed. She has found a new voice of composed poetry on the canvas and she would tell you there are still her personal stories interwoven in the paintings. Starting with a blank canvas is no longer a problem as she is freer than ever before to “use all the tools in her toolbox”. Without her iconic figurative narrative, Carolyn has moved into a world of relationships, atmosphere and mood that finally resolve into a finished work that fit the criteria for satisfying her own standards. Always looking for the color, value, and composition, Carolyn would hope that her audience would enjoy her work and look at her paintings with these critical things in mind.