Carolyn Evans

Originally from New Orleans, Carolyn Evans lives in Massachusetts and paints alongside her artist husband, John Evans. Carolyn earned her BFA from Boston University in 1970. Evans' paintings often depict houses with colorful, rich surroundings and sometimes with anthropomorphic elements, such as lips or legs. Recent paintings explore her daily visual connection to the universe. She is often engaged with whimsy and tragedy and it’s connectedness between the real world and her visual sensibility. Carolyn states that starting a painting with a blank canvas is the biggest challenge. She does not have a plan: there is only paint and a brush, awareness of color, rhythm, geometry and movement. She paints the painting, hears the music, dances the dance and looks for the poetry. Carolyn's most recent paintings are abstract. She has discarded the icons of the stories she has told and has moved into the pure world of relationships on the canvas. Without a story there is difficulty in finding the resolve. Carolyn Evans hope that her audience will enjoy this work on its purest level.