Brenda Bogart

Brenda Bogart, an artist from Dallas, Texas, is best known for her lively portraits in oil on canvas and mixed media collage. Brenda's Dallas studio is an enchanting playground with tubs of found and collected objects from literally everywhere. In fact, Brenda was almost arrested in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC when piece of peeling paint on a public trash can caught her eye. A swarm of armed security officers quickly surrounded her on bicycles and demanded she hand over the chunk of paint. She also rescues trash out of muddy puddles if the color and texture grab her ever watchful eye. Brenda often finds hand lettered antique documents and paper during her travels to Paris, France. Brenda defines collaging as painting with paper. She coaxes this chaotic medium into an intriguing work of art using her distinct style of color, pattern, and texture. Brenda Bogart holds a degree in Interior Design from Texas Christian University. She also studied painting and drawing at Southern Methodist University extensively under Mary Vernon and Barnaby Fitzgerald.