Education 1985 - 87     MFA - Masters of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute 1986            Day Studios, San Francisco, California 1977 - 81     BFA - Bachelors of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute 1980            Byram Shaw School of Art, London England 1976            Philadelphia College of Art 1975-77       Studied Under William C. Bahammerman (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - Classical Training - LMHS) CONSCIOUS SELF - Sculptural Process The sculptures come from an idea that is distilled in the intellectual mind. They then evolve and are realized in the physical world through my esthetic sense. They are often highly conceptual in nature. Though the work typically starts from a strong conceptual place, in the end, It must also be visually potent. My sculptural process is typically long and labor intensive. Often the sculptures may even sit in their original clay or plaster form for a few years before I deem them worthy or ripe to be born into the world. Each piece has to stand the test of time. The original sculpture or maquette is then made solid in whatever is the intended material, mostly solid graphite (pencil) , metal , pure pigment pastel , watercolor , and crayons , all materials used to date . In this way, the sculptures also become a drawing tool with potential to draw. Maybe immortalized or sustained is that brief moment of excitement one might have gotten when opening a brand new box of crayons. The sculptures are " Brand New " (A contemporary obsession) and unused, with infinite potential. Though each sculpture begins with a very clear concept, it is in the making of the work in the physical where changes take place as needed and the idea is really crystallized. UNCONSCIOUS – Drawing and Painting Process A release is found in the quicker drawing and painting process.  This is a much more intuitive process where I tap into my unconscious and there’s a more rapid realization.  In this very fluid process, images are continually evolving and open to continuous insight and change.  Here, all things may be revealed and come to the surface. In all the creative processes, it is in the hands on making of the work where things come together and even the artists can surprise themselves.

Prescription for a Billionaire XXVII

Archival print (1/1)
44 x 44 inches