Phil Durst

As a collagist, I am drawn to pattern and repetition, which are also the hallmarks of quilting. As quilts were traditionally made with scraps and left-over fabrics, I like to work with materials that have also been cast-off or designed for other purposes. I enjoy working with paint chips, old books, candy boxes, and other packaging that all have such beauty even though they were never designed to last. Such a tremendous amount of artistic talent, choice, and color goes into such ephemeral packaging, that I like to preserve their beauty and vibrancy. I enjoy the effect of taking such colorful materials and making small pieces that, hopefully, when added to many others, can create a landscape or effect greater than its components. In addition to creating these collages and my other art projects (my desk is built out of 480 mineral water bottles), I also practice employment and civil rights law with a small firm in Austin, and have been an adjunct law professor at U.T. Law School since 1999. My work also, often, has a quilt-like quality, based upon the influence and tutelage of my wife, Sarah, who is an accomplished quilter (and who usually is described with the term “long-suffering”). I look forward to creating art on a more full time basis, after our damn children are finished with college.