Clayton Porter

Clayton Porter (b. 1980) is an American multimedia artist living and working in the southwestern United States. He grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, spending his early childhood on the rural front-range, moving to the city proper with his mother when he was six. Porter earned a BFA in mixed media at the former College of Santa Fe; with an emphasis in photography; and a minor in art history. One of the most significant turning points in Porter’s life was the untimely death of his mother when he was still a teenager. This event, plus the subsequent death of his father fifteen years later, deeply influenced the formation of his artistic narrative. Clayton Porter credits some of the conceptual underpinnings of his work to his proximity to the artist Bruce Nauman. Working tangentially for Nauman’s studio for eight years, he developed a heightened critical approach to his studio practice. The topics Porter touches upon are often as wide ranging and as varied as the media he employs. Porter’s work can be interpreted as irreverent, and although he never shies away from utilizing humor, his motivations can often be traced back to feelings of nostalgic longing, contemplations on material impermanence, and pitfalls of masculine identity. Outside of his full time studio practice, Porter is also a contributor to the Santa Fe, NM-based arts and culture publication The Magazine.