Ansley Givhan

Ansley Givhan received her BFA in painting from the University of Mississippi in December of 2016. She currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana where she works as a full-time studio artist. Artist Statement: My work is inspired by my perception of the world around me. I often view my surroundings two dimensionally - simplifying what I see into line, shape, and value. By consistently observing the negative, I find myself recording the in-between. My memories control the movement of my hand as I transcribe my observations onto my surface. By reducing my emotion down to basic form and line, I create an expansive vocabulary of marks. Sometimes, my marks are controlled and calculated. Other times, they are child-like: raw and unfiltered. I believe this contrast suggests the immense possibilities of line as a form of expression. I use an expansive range of color in my paintings. My choice of color is instinctual, often reflecting the way I feel during a specific moment. When color and line form a harmonious relationship with one another, the painting becomes a completed work.