Alex Mason

Alex Mason is a Kentucky based artist and designer. Alex Mason specializes in printed fabrics, wallpapers, contemporary paintings and artwork. Alex Mason received her MFA from the Pratt Institute, 1998 and attended Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA, 2005. Artist Statement: Living in a digital age has fueled my passion for the tactile and handmade. There is warmth to handmade things because they have a story, life, and history that emanates from the person who creates the art as well as the person who possesses and cares for them.  My work is less about concepts, and more about the process of applying color and texture to create a painting. It is the expression of making marks, whether for textiles, wallpaper, canvas or paper, which reveals itself to me in the process of the work. I am drawn to the free forms found in nature rather than the geometric and hard edged. I am inspired by patterns found in the natural world and try to reference them as well as create new patterns. Flora, fauna, and color fuel inspiration for my works, but I never have an exact idea of what I will be creating until it is complete. My goal when creating a painting is to make it authentic by concentrating on each color and mark. There is a sense of motion and kinetic energy that comes across from the mark making of the brush strokes and spontaneity of drips.  These accidental drips, washes, and splatters give depth, texture, and atmosphere to my compositions, that on a good day, I hope create a kind of beauty.